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LED device for oral irradiation, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

LED device for oral irradiation

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LED device for oral irradiation The phototherapeutic device "AVERS-LIGHT" is intended for the prevention, therapy and rehabilitation of acute respiratory diseases (ARI), acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI), including COVID-19, fungal diseases of the oral cavity, ophthalmic diseases, as well as gynecological, urological and proctological diseases. (patents No. 60363 dated January 27, 2007 and No. 166852 dated August 10, 2016)


LED device for oral irradiation

LED device for oral irradiation

Indications for use:

The phototherapeutic device "AVERS-LIGHT" is used as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent.

Prevention and treatment: influenza, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, colds, rhinopharyngitis, tonsillitis, tracheobronchitis, otitis media, sinusitis, oral candidiasis, subfebrile fever, cough, intoxication symptoms, rhinitis, ear pain, gingivitis, periodontitis, stomatitis, toothache, including after removal, hay fever, ophthalmic diseases glaucoma, cataracts, keratoconus, keratitis, conjunctivitis, normalization of intraocular pressure, as well as in gynecological, urological and proctological diseases and to improve the quality of life and prevent exacerbation of chronic diseases in elderly and senile people ...

There are no restrictions on the use of the AVERS-LIGHT phototherapeutic device in elderly people, pregnant women, and nursing mothers.

Procedure for carrying out procedures

For respiratory viral diseases, colds, rhinopharyngitis, tonsillitis, tracheobronchitis, oral candidiasis, periodontitis, stomatitis, toothache, including after removal, hay fever and cough, the procedures should be performed orally (through the mouth) 4-6 times a day 10-15 minutes after 2 hours, and at high temperature and severe pain, after an hour. In the prevention and treatment of acne (acne, blackheads, pimples), it is necessary to carry out procedures for 3-5 minutes 3-4 times a day, directly at the places of their appearance, with a little pressure.

Nozzle No. 1 is used.

LED device for oral irradiation - Nozzle No. 1

As a prophylaxis and to increase immunity, with dystonia, apathy, drowsiness, increased blood viscosity and disturbances in the circadian rhythm (insomnia, etc.), it is recommended to act with blue light on the projection of the cubital vein in the elbow bend, wrist or carotid artery, slightly pressing on the place where the veins are visible in time, according to table 1.

Table 1

Patient's mass Exposure Time
11 – 15 kg 6 min
16 – 20 kg 8 min
21 – 25 kg 10 min
26 -30 kg 12 min
31 – 40 kg 17 min
41 – 50 kg 20 min
51 – 60 kg 25 min
61 – 70 kg 28 min
71 – 150 kg 30 min

*application time per session

Method of using the device by medical personnel:

When visiting patients with viral diseases, including all types of coronavirus.

For prevention:

  • before entering the ward 10 - 15 min. orally with nozzle No. 1;
  • after leaving the zone 10 - 15 minutes. orally with nozzle No. 1
  • in the morning, at lunchtime and before bedtime for 15 - 20 minutes with attachment number 1;
  • at the first signs of acute respiratory infections (ARVI) - 10 - 15 minutes each. orally every hour;
  • for other types of diseases - according to the Instructions for the Device.

For therapy:

  • every hour for 10 - 15 minutes orally with a nozzle No. 1;
  • for headaches (migraines) - to the right temple with a nozzle No. 1 for 10 - 15 minutes after 2 hours;
  • at the first sign of a cold; flushing the sinuses with saline, removing mucus, make procedures for 30 - 40 seconds in each sinus, alternating with nozzle No. 2 (conical); General procedure 6 minutes (3 minutes in each sinus);
  • repeat every 2 hours until symptoms disappear;
  • in case of hay fever, use the attachment No. 1 of the procedure for 10-15 minutes. every hour, until the symptoms disappear completely.

LED device for oral irradiation - Nozzle No. 2

For diseases of the nose and ears, a conical nozzle No. 2 is used, the procedures are carried out for 5-7 minutes, in an hour, until the pain or discharge disappears, and in cold and windy weather - every day, as a prophylaxis, 1 - 3 times a day. During the procedure, the nozzle should be immersed in the nasal sinus and auricle by 5 - 7 mm, without causing discomfort. With a severe runny nose and an abundant flow of mucus from the nasal sinuses, it is necessary to rinse them with saline solution, cleanse the sinuses from mucus and only then carry out procedures for 20-30 seconds, alternating the sinuses, but the total time should be 2-3 minutes, for each sinus! Repeat the procedures every hour until the mucus disappears completely. When performing procedures for children, the participation of adults is necessary.

LED device for oral irradiation - Nozzle No. 3

In case of eye diseases, it is necessary to use attachments No. 1 (for adults) or No. 3 (for children). The procedure is carried out with the eyelid closed and with slight pressure on it. Procedure time 5 - 7 minutes, for children 3 - 5 minutes, 3 - 4 times a day. When carrying out the procedure on a child, the procedure must be carried out by an adult.

For gynecological and proctological diseases, pain in the prostate gland, as well as for the prevention of these diseases, the exposure to the blue spectrum of light is carried out vaginally (rectally) 2 - 3 times a day for 30 - 20 minutes using attachment No. 3. Depth of immersion 50 - 80 mm. Before use, a transparent condom must be put on the nozzle and lubricated with petroleum jelly or gel.

LED device for oral irradiation

At the end of the procedure, turn off the device, unscrew the nozzle and disinfect it (see section Disinfection and sterilization).

Dry the device and place it and the attachments in a blister pack.


Do not direct the switched-on device into open eyes, they may become fatigued quickly.

The product is not subject to mechanical shocks and falls, as well as being thrown onto a hard surface and moisture ingress into the device.

When screwing on the nozzles, do not use force, in order to avoid damage to the threaded connection.

When performing procedures with attachments No. 1 and No. 2, the device must always be in the hands.

When performing procedures with attachment no. 3, the installation of the device should be carried out with assistance and under the supervision of medical personnel or a family member.

Disinfection and sterilization

When using the device individually, the optical attachment should be washed with hot water and soap (preferably gray "laundry" soap or "Safeguard" soap) or other detergent before use.

When used collectively, optical attachments (made of transparent plastic) should be treated with a 3% or 6% solution of hydrogen peroxide, as well as with other prescribed disinfectants for this class of devices.

Do not treat optical attachments with alcohol-based disinfectant solutions, in order to avoid changing the transparency of the surface!

Side effect

Subject to the recommended methods and routes of administration, there are no side effects.


When looking at the switched on device, there is rapid eye fatigue.

Drug interactions

Strengthens the effect of drugs, so the doses of drugs can be reduced by 2 times.

Special instructions

When replacing batteries, pay attention to their operating voltage. It must be at least 1.5V in each battery. Before using the device, it must be assembled. Connect the optical attachment to the housing with a monochromatic emitter. Before the first use, it is necessary to disinfect the physiotherapeutic device "AVERS-LIGHT" according to the section DISINFECTION and STERILIZATION. The device is intended for oral, vaginal, rectal and non-invasive use. When the device is used collectively, in gynecology and proctology, it is necessary to use disposable transparent products.


The device is packed in a blister package and a shock-resistant pencil case, instructions for use, a warranty card.

Storage and operating conditions

Protect your device and attachments from impacts and scratches. Do not “click” the microswitch unnecessarily. Do not disassemble the optical unit. Keep out of the reach of children.

Products, LED device for oral irradiation, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"


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Latest News, LED device for oral irradiation, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

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