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"Doctor Light" - preventive treatment and treatment of cough, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

"Doctor Light" - preventive treatment and treatment of cough

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The mucous membrane of respiratory ways constantly gets dried up by the inhaled air, however it is protected with a layer of slime. It is produced by the goblet cells and sub mucous glands. The respiratory cilia float in a 5 micron deep liquid layer. The layer of thick slime "slides" over bronchi and a trachea above more liquid layer towards the throat ( in a nose - in a direction to a faces) thanks to rhythmical cilia beats.
The mechanism is called mucociliary clearance (transportation) - the most important part of the airways clearance system, especially under hyper production of slime accompanying the major part of acute respiratory diseases (ARD). Slime leaves along with the foreign particles which have stuck to it, including pathogens. When ciliated epithelium is damaged by the infectious agents mucociliary clearance becomes inefficient and joins some additional bronchial clearance mechanisms.
When the mucociliary clearance is disturbed the bronchial tubes become narrow (obstructed) and their scouring is promoted by linear speed increase of an air jet in them just as when we coughing.
The term "bronchi obstruction" means a combination of sighns caused by the generalized bronchial diminution. The bronchial tubes diminution demands a greater positive intrathoracic pressure to make an exhalation that is provided by the intensive work of respiratory muscles and increases expiratory air jet speed.
Cough represents an "explosive" exhalation aimed at the airways clearance. Cough is a basic defense reflex promoting removal of foreign substances from the respiratory ways. It arises from over irritation of receptors of a vagus nerve in reflexogenic zones located on a posterior wall of epiglottis, in a throat, in the area of vocal chords, ramous of main bronchi points and in a pleura. The main irritant of the cough receptors are: sputum or slime in respiratory ways, an inflammation, fluctuations of temperature and humidity of air, allergens, foreign bodies, tumours, papillomas and hyperventilation.
Non frequent cough is natural; it eliminates a congestion of slime and saliva from an aperture of larynx. Children of 4-10 years cough about 10 - 12 times a day that is norm.
Similarly, but with lowered soft palate occurs sneezing, promoting removal of slime from a nasopharynx and from nasal passages. Sneezing is caused by both chemical irritants and inflammatory mediators, in particular, in case of an allergy (hay fever).
Cough is a defense reflex but it is also a determinant symptom of ARD and the most frequent cause of visits to a doctor. It accompanies whooping-cough, influenza, a laryngitis, tracheobronchitis, a pharyngitis, a bronchial asthma and ARD. Here the cough therapy is the most significant. On the examination, the doctor prescribes plenty of medicines which are divided into antitussic, expectorant, mucolytic and combined drugs. (Geppe N.A., etc. Cough in children. Questions and answers. .:, 2006, p.8-12) The ways of application of the given means is diverse - from inhalation up to intrusive. The choice of a medical product and term of its adoption depends on clinical and pathogenetic features of disease, and also on qualification of the doctor. Prescribing a medication means to consider intensity, prescription and a cough effect on the child's condition. However, it often happens that it is not pathogenetic mechanisms and properties of the child, but the state on the pharmaceutical market is dominating in selecting a medicine that leads to unreasonable expenses and non-effective medications for treatment of cough at mild ARD.
High rate of occurrence of ARD in children, mostly toddlers, is caused by insufficient immunologic experience as well as by negative effect of contaminated air, including domestic one. Cough is a main factor in ARD occurrence at the childcare centers in particular. Close contacts between the healthy and sick children is a source of airborne contamination. Being smaller than bacteria in size, viruses stay longer airborne along with small particles of slime. Therefore, cough is to be considered a way of aerial contamination and should be taken into account at the first signs of ARD since it loses its natural drainage function; transmit infection and effects body negatively. Frequent persistent cough causes increase of intrathoracic pressure, a faint, loss of consciousness, cardiac arrhythmia, hemorrhage. Coughing may last for several days, even several months. Reasonable selection of medications during ARD should be considered, its duration, frequency, intensity, pain factor, sputum nature, etc.
However remarkable medicines are, all of them have a long list of side-effects. Such as a mucolytic drug "ACETYLCYSTEINE" being prescribed from the 10th day of a baby's life. The drug is forbidden for children with bronchial asthma; it cannot be applied during pulmonary bleedings, hepatic and kidney diseases, dysfunction of adrenal glands. Nausea is possible in certain cases. It's use is excluded by bronchospasmophilia. How could one come to know from a newborn baby if it suffers from a dysfunction of a liver or not? Who will be responsible for use of the drug in case of mild ARD? Along with improvement of a baby's condition or easing cough with the use of antibiotics, the drug will cause irreparable damage to a growing body.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned parents not to give commonly used cough and cold remedies to children under 2 years old without consulting a doctor. Scientists have reasoned in this way after the investigation of deaths of three infants aged under 6 months, as CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report says.
Investigation has shown, that all three deaths have been caused by high levels of the nasal decongestant pseudoephedrine.
The investigators headed by Dr. Arjun Srinivasans have also identified during 2004--2005 more than 1,5 thousand children under age 2 were treated in U.S. emergency departments for adverse events, including overdoses, associated with cough and cold medications. The major advantages of these drugs are, over-the-counter medications and are in great demand.
Thus, because of the risks of intoxication, absence of dosing recommendations in children aged under 2 years, parents should not administer cough and cold medications to children in any case, without first consulting pediatrician and should follow the doctor's instructions in dosage precisely. However, in children aged under 2, systematic reviews of controlled trials of over-the-counter cough and cold medications have concluded that they are not more effective than placebo in reducing acute cough and cold, another words, they are useless. Dr. Michael Marcus, director of pediatric pulmonology, allergy and immunology at Maimonides Infants and Children's Hospital in New York, said, "The medications have a greater potential for harm to the child rather than the infections you are trying to treat."
Natural origin of the medication does not mean it's safe for children, especially in younger children. Plant preparations induce bronchial secretion volume expansion and, in doing so, provoke the vomiting reflex.
Therefore they should not be administered to babies aged only a few months, and children with CNS as it will lead to, asphyxia or intensification of vomiting caused by cough. In children predicated to illnesses may have various allergic reactions or even suffocation. It is important to realize that expectorants reduce sputum viscosity, increasing its volume and do not change its composition. "The licorice root" which was growing at the beginning of the XX century would differ considerably from a "descendant" of the XXI in the chemical composition. But it is presented as medicinal in its qualities as its ancestor used to be though it can be even unhealthy now…
The solution was found by the scientists of JSC "AVERS" who has developed " the phototherapeutic device " DOCTOR LIGHT " for infants, that is designed as a dummy, with a built-in blue monochromatic emitter of visible sunlight. The therapeutic effect of the device is based upon bactericidal and regulatory effect of blue light. Blue light of a visible spectrum prevents reproduction of viruses and discharge of their toxins. A quantum of a blue spectrum of light is absorbed by the molecules-photosensibilizers, present in a human body.
On absorption of blue light a human body demonstrates:
1. Blood circulation improvement, especially at microcirculatory level;
2. Activation of respiratory function, increase in oxygen delivery and uptake;
3. Normalization of metabolic rate;
4. Immunoenhancement.
Laboratory researches have confirmed immunological parameters of a living organism under non-invasive irradiation of blood for the duration of 10 minutes.
Increase of T lymphocytes up to 204 %, -active lymphocytes up to 170%, B lymphocytes up to 159 %; immunoglobulins M, G, A of 112, 120 and 126 %. At the same time, lipid peroxidation activity (LPA) has decreased, and of antioxidant systems has increased.
Blue light affects the oral mucosa of the child in different ways:
1. Stops inflamation of the throat;
2. Considerably reduces cough already after the first application;
3. Sharply reduces a population of viruses and their reprodution;
4. Effects directly necrogenic and elimination of toxins;
5. Raises mucociliary clearance efficiency;
6. Reduces the damage of ciliated epithelium and the respiratory mucous tunic inflammation.
Clinical efficiency and individual acceptability of the device has been estimated by the leading scientific research institutes and clinics of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence (MD RF) and of Russian Academy of Medical Science (RAMS). They are Scientific Center for gynecology and pediatrics RAMS (Mmember of RAMS Kulakov V.I.), Research Center for Children’s Health (RCCH RAMS) (Member of RAMS Baranov ..), Perm State Medical Academy (professor Korjukina I.P.)
Researchers have warned against bias opinions in favour of the medicinal treatment in the younger children since the defense functions are developing and can be destroyed by the chemical preparations. Antibiotics and sulfanilamides should not be prescribed for their negative effects on a child’s body (up to the age of 27). In the first place are dermatitis, hepatic and kidney diseases, a tachycardia, joint pain, leycanemia, allergic reactions, anemia, etc. The medical centers and pediatricians should pay attention to the advanced ways of preventive measures and treatment of ARD and to leave the out-of-date, traditional methods. Falsification of medical products does not argue for the medicinal therapy either. After treating just the one illness the drugs add 3-4 more diseases, due to masked side-effects including postponed and cumulative effects.
Application of the device "DOCTOR LIGHT" stops cough within 2-3 day, improves the general condition of the child in mild cases of a respiratory pathology, rhinopharyngitis, catarrhal tonsillitis, etc. In severe and complicated cases of ARD the use of "DOCTOR LIGHT" will ease tolerance of the drastic remedies. Application of the device does not depend on the pathogenetic features of the disease and on the child's condition or on the duration of the disease.
Still, it is the seasonal outbreaks of ARD in children that need special care and attention. Prophylactic use of the device "DOCTOR LIGHT" on a daily basis, protects the child from airborne contamination. We do not mention economic efficiency of the given product as it is self explanatory. Here we have an example of "Children’s Homes" No 21 and 22 in the Western administrative community of Moscow. During the prophylactic uses of "DOCTOR LIGHT" in these two Children's Homes from October to May within two years none of the children acquired ARD (each housed about 100 children).
The deep analysis of application of the device has shown that the product can replace about 150 drugs used for treatment of ARD in infants. Assuming the visible spectrum does not have any negative side-effects, it has strictly defined wavelength and radiant intensity.
By analogy to the device "DOCTOR LIGHT", the scientists of JSC "AVERS" have created a phototherapeutic device "AVERS-LIGHT" for adults. The device is intended for prophylactic treatment and treatment of the following diseases:
- laryngitis,
- rhinitis;
- tracheobronchitis
- ARD, including influenza;
- otitis;
- mucotic stomatitis;
- toothache;
- hay feaver.
A direct relation between "mother - child" exists, and if a mother falls ill, her child will fall ill as well. Same can happen in the other direction. The device has been created for prevention ARD for a mother and for exclusion of medications during pregnancy and nursing. The preventive and medicinal qualities of the device let it replace a number of medical products (over 500 types). But in contrast to them the device has no negative side-effects.
At present both devices are certificated in Russia as a medical products, have undergone certification in Germany and will hit the European markets in the near future. This points to the fact that Europeans have turned to preventive medicine, medicine of the future.
Member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, RF, 
Doctor of Technical Science,
Professor V.I.Grachev
Products, "Doctor Light" - preventive treatment and treatment of cough, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"


A device to extend shelf time of food products "AVERS-Freshguard", Specification 5150-001-58568926-2010
A device to extend shelf time of food products "AVERS–Freshguard".

A matrix with monochromic visible-light spectrum emitters for computer mouse "AVERS-Stream", Specification 6342-001-58668926-2011
A matrix with monochromic visible-light spectrum emitters for computer mouse "AVERS-Stream", Specification 6342-001-58668926-2011

Bactericidal Cleanser of Toothbrush "AVERS-DEZ" TU 4496-004-58668926-2014

This devise is intended for complete disinfection of toothbrush bristles after use for hygienic purposes by human beings through simultaneous ultraviolet and blue light spectra effect.


LED device for oral irradiation
Analogical therapeutic effects of the device to "Doctor Light", AVERS scientists have developed an "LED based device for oral irradiation" (Patent Number 50420 as of 09/08/05), for daily usage and treatment of viral infections for children and adults.

Latest News, "Doctor Light" - preventive treatment and treatment of cough, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

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