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Doctor Light:  let`s look ahead together, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

Doctor Light: let`s look ahead together

All rights for Phototherapeutic and Physiotheurapeutic products "Doctor Svet", "Avers Shower", "Avers Light", "Avers-SUN", "AVERS-Freshguard", "AVERS-STREAM" are reserved trademarks for "JSC Avers".

The sun, fresh air and pure water – are the fundamental conditions of human health. On this basis JSC "AVERS" has developed a unique phototherapeutic and physiotherapeutic device.
Physiotherapeutic device "Doctor Light" (Patent No 55293) with a monochrome blue light emitter allows avoidance of a number of diseases and in particular for the cold season from September to May. It's medicinal and prophylactic efficiency recomends "Doctor Light" to be given to the newborn babies in a maternity home on behalf of the State as a real care of every child and of the nation. Physiotherapeutic device "Doctor Light" have no side effects or age restrictions. The aged patients can use the gadget to cure a toothache (within 5-7 seconds) and parodentium diseases.
The physiotheapeutic device "Doctor Light" was highly recomended by Chief pediatrist of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, Professor A. D. Tsaregorodtsev and by Professor E.N. Baibarina, Chief Neonatologist of the MOH&SD.
On the analogy of the physiotherapeutic device "Doctor Light", AVERS scientists worked out "Device for oral irradiation "AVERS-Light" (Patent No 50420). Phototherapeutic set "AVERS-Light" that is intended for prophylaxis and treatment of colds and paredentium diseases, the flu epidemic, laryngitis, rhinitis, mycotic stomatitis, toothache and for removing allergic signs.
The viral upper respiratory deseases represent a global public issue due to a wide and fast spreading and to a great expense.
Thus in Russia an average total cost of a flue epidemic under experts' assessment is about 50 billion rubles. A case of a respiratory infection costs a State 3000 - 5000 rubles. Of the patient's expenses including set of basic medicaments vary from 400 to 3500 rubles.

Direct medical aid expenses include cost of diagnostics, treatment, hospitalization, wage cost and make about 25 % of total expenses. Indirect cost   results from invalidity of patients or their parents, decline of working efficiency etc. Most of acute respiratory diseases (ARD) have an easy course and no serious complications but worsen general condition of the child. Formation of ARD in children, mostly toddlers is caused by insufficient immunology background as well as by negative effect of contaminated air, including domestic one. It strikes in big cities and industrial regions. Epidemiology studies to prove that most of children fall ill with ARD, 3 to 7 times a year, mostly kids below age of 4. Children above 10, fall ill 2 or 3 times less than toddlers below ages of 3. However, 15 - 40 % of children suffer from ARD much more often than the rest of their age group (7 or 12 times). Frequent ARD causes disorders in neuropsychic development, decrease in immunity functionality, formation of chronic deseases. Systematically occurring ARD may cause antisocial behavior due to the lack and inability to communicate with children of the same age group. Often occurring ARD takes up a lot of material resources, cause economic damage related to medical costs and loss in working activity of parents.
Acute respiratory diseases (ARD) - a heterogeneous group of the infectious diseases that infect the airways. The term ARD is good for epidemiological purposes, because all acute respiratory diseases have the same development and pass-on mechanism, the same symptoms. However the clinical diagnosis "ARD" demands decoding regarding organic lesion (an otitis, a bronchitis, etc.) and possible cause (virus, bacteria).
 A large part of diseases (about 90 %) is caused by the respiratory viruses and the virus of influenza. In this case the term "acute respiratory desease" is good as it points out to non-bacteriological etiology of illness and makes the prescription of antibiotics useless.
The bacteria ARD are not numerous but it is precisely them that provoke complications.
It is hard to define the bacterial origin of ARD as the symptoms of bacterial and virus processes are similar (fever, a cold, cough, sore throat), therefore, to be on the safe side, a doctor prescribes antibiotics irrelevant in case of viral infection and in most cases are harmful because they disturb biocenosis of airways and metabolism in general. One of the leading factors for solving the problem is the recovery of children with natural means like light, air, water and physical activities.
By expert estimation, for every ruble invested in medical prophylaxis restores health for 60 rubles, whereas every ruble spent for medical aid – only 30 rubles. The prevention of diseases and the restoration of health ought to be main purpose of the authorities, the scientists, doctors and individuals.
Surgical intervention should be considered by doctors as a failed preventive medicine or in extreme conditions to save a person’s life with no other alternatives.
The application of antibiotics should be compared to the extreme measures particularly for children of young age. The pediatrician’s associations of most European countries stress the importance of refusal of antibiotics to give to children below the age of 5. Society returns to natural methods of prevention and treatment of diseases, especially of ARD, rejecting pharmacotherapy. The above mentioned natural methods consist of training, sunbathing and water baths.
Nature provides a human body with appropriate resources for fighting ailment on its own. Sun, fresh air and pure water are priority medicines for human health. Following the laws of nature the JSC AVERS scientists have worked out the phototherapeutical device "Doctor Light" (Patent No 55293) with monochromatic blue emitter inserted in the dummy for convenience while prophylaxis and treating children of young age. It should be noted, the product has absolutely no connection to "LED Irradiation Device", (useful product number 28035) with undefined specter of light. Our product is practically feasible and is unmatched in therapeutic qualities. All rights and Trade name "Doctor Light"™ with a monochromatic blue emitter are all Trademarks of JSC "Avers".
The device can be used for prophylaxis from birth up through the age of 4:
- for easing child's condition after injections and appearance of new teeth, followed by catarrhal appearances;
- in time of an epidemic breakout (Flue and extreme cases).
- during a high risk of disease or infection;
- for strengthening immunity;
- removing inflammation allergies, including Diathesis.
And for treatment of:
      - moderately severe pneumonia
      - mycotic stomatitis
      - respiratory and viral infections
Prophylactic use of the device "Doctor Light" allows avoidance of a number of diseases, especially during the cold period, which lasts from September till May.
It would be reasonable to issue the physiotherapeutic device "Doctor Light " to every newborn baby in the maternity house on behalf of the ministry of health. That would prevent further wastes of money on treatment and parents' sick-lists. Saving begins with a coin box, not from coins scattered here and there. The device has no side effects and no age limits. Elderly people can use it for getting rid of a toothache (within 5-7 sec.) and for paredentium deseases. The device "Doctor Light" was highly advised by Chief pediatrician of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, Professor A. D. Tsaregorodtsev and by Professor E.N. Baibarina, Chief Neonatologist of the MOH&SD.
On the analogy of the physiotherapeutic device "Doctor Light" the AVERS scientists has worked out "Device for oral irradiation "AVERS-Light" (Patent No 50420).

The gadget is used for prophylactic treatment of:
- colds;
- paredentium diseases;
- flu epidemia;
- laryngitis, rhinitis;
- mycotic stomatitis;
- toothache;
- allergic presentations.
At present the gadget has passed clinical testing, and is going to be mass produced. It is compact and handy to transport even in a lady's handbag. By the preventive and medical properties it can replace plenty of medical products, but unlike them the device has no by-effects. The device restores the metabolism and all the physiological processes. Once these tasks are solved the rest will be settled as well. Let us come back to the natural methods of the prevention of diseases - fresh air, training body, moving, sunbathing and hydrotherapy. The research team of JSC "AVERS" will present you soon with its new products based on the use of the visible solar spectrum (390 to 750 nm) unique in their design and application.
At the moment JSC "AVERS" has patents in the field of phototherapy and for 6 products positive responses have been received. Look ahead with us!

Member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, RF, 
Doctor of Technical Science, Professor V.I.Gratchev
Products, Doctor Light:  let`s look ahead together, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"


A matrix with monochromic visible-light spectrum emitters for computer mouse "AVERS-Stream", Specification 6342-001-58668926-2011
A matrix with monochromic visible-light spectrum emitters for computer mouse "AVERS-Stream", Specification 6342-001-58668926-2011

Phototherapeutic device "Doctor Light", a product of medical equipment
The phototherapy device "Doctor Light" is intended for the prevention and therapy of all types of respiratory and viral infections with monochromatic light of the visible spectrum of blue light, including COVID-19, incl. ARI, ARVI, laryngitis, rhinitis, tracheobronchitis, sinusitis, colds with symptoms of a runny nose, difficulty swallowing and fever, fungal infection of the oral mucosa, toothache, incl. and during their eruption, as well as heterogeneous forms of influenza in children from birth to four years old.

Physiotherapeutic device for hydro-massage with light emission "AVERS Shower"
Good for every day use and treatment of cardio-vascular diseases (Ischemic diseases, arterial deficiency of the lower extremity and diseases causing thickening of the blood) also Orthopedic diseases (Osteochondrosis and Arterial Arthritis of joints).

Bio-Lamp "Avers-SUN"
For regular uses day to day uses, skin disorders (eczema, dermatomicosis, inflamed dermatosis, cuts, trophic ulcer, scars), anaemia, seasonal depression, Jet-Lag, allergic reactions, liver diseases (cerrosis of the liver, Hepatitis), secondary immunodeficiency, metabolic rate disorders and Paraproteinemia. (patent pending #54792 as of 27/07/2006)

Latest News, Doctor Light:  let`s look ahead together, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

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