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Beware of otitis. Prevention and new methods of treatment, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

Beware of otitis. Prevention and new methods of treatment

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Otitis and its complications are quite common at any age. In children, this is one of the most frequent problems. And here it is necessary to say that pathological processes of ears are of the immense significance to childhood. These processes cause not only the severe painful symptoms, but also are among the most dangerous diseases, in addition, even upon the occurrence of recovery, they may become the reason of deaf-mutism. Otitis is inflammation of the ear. The following types of otitis are distinguished, such as the outer, media and interna otitis. And otitis is also defined depending on the segment of destruction of the ear and on type of pathogen . Infectious process may develop in the outer ear, the eardrum cavity, the mastoid, and even in the vestibular labyrinth and the temporal bone. Pathogens may be bacteria, viruses and fungi.

With outer otitis, the skin, ear canal, and periosteum are affected. Diagnosis is based on the presence of diffuse inflammation of the ear canal skin. Outer otitis occurs as a result of penetration of the infections into hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the ear canal, which can also be the result of minor injuries during the manipulation with matches, pins etc. in the ear.

Diving and swimming in unknown ponds, lakes greatly increase the probability of disease.
Outer viral otitis is quite rare. Its pathogens are chicken pox, measles, and herpes occasionally. However, the consequences of it are often extremely dangerous – such as facial paralysis, mimetic paralysis, loss of taste sensitivity of the front part of the tongue.
Outer bacterial otitis is spread to a greater extent than viral otitis, its pathogens are streptococci and staphylococci, enterobacteria less often, which get to ear during bathing.
The symptoms of outer otitis are almost identical - it is earache, but different aftereffects. And in almost all the cases of illness the obligatory drugs are analgesics, antibiotics and sulfanilamides, both topical, intramuscular and intravenous introduction.

Acute otitis media develops as a result of penetration of infection mainly through the eustachian tube to middle ear during acute or exacerbation of chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa and nasopharynx (acute rhinitis, flu and etc.). Here, the symptoms may be - severe pain in the ear, teeth, high body temperature (38-39 ° C) and a significant hearing loss, possible suppuration from the ear followed by a decrease in hearing for life. The clinical picture of acute middle ear infections in newborns and infants is somewhat different from that in adults. Acute otitis may often have no symptoms until the appearance of suppuration. A child wakes up at night, is restless, crying, turning his head, rubbing a sore ear with a hand or against a pillow, refusing to the breast because the ear pain strengthens during sucking and swallowing due to the increasing of pressure in the middle ear. Typically there is observed nasopharyngitis. Treatment is similar to outer otitis - antibiotics, sulfanilamides and antipyretic.
Interna otitis or acute labyrinthitis is the inflammation of inner ear, which occurs during the introduction of microorganisms or stimulation of the vestibular labyrinth by toxins, formed during otitis media. Interna otitis is also divided into viral and bacterial labyrinthitis.

Viral labyrinthitis is caused by many viruses, but mumps virus is the most frequent one. Infection can lead to the one-sided inflammation of the cochlea and the sudden one-sided perceptive deafness, besides lesion of the vestibular labyrinth is irreversible.

Bacterial labyrinthitis can develop as a complication of acute or chronic outer otitis or meningitis. Bacterial labyrinthitis is characterized by poor hearing and the severe dizziness with nausea and vomiting. Labyrinthitis, complicating acute purulent otitis media, requires more intensive antibiotic therapy, drugs for oral administration are not enough.

In addition, there is a disease, so-called otomycosis, which is caused by the development of mold fungi of various kinds on the walls of the ear canal (or eardrum). Such conditions as humid environment, prior purulent otitis media, prolonged inefficient treatment with antibiotics, and etc. can also make their contribution to getting this disease.
According to the statistics, acute otitis media takes up to 70%, outer otitis - about 20%, the inner otitis - up to 10% of the total otitis. In young children, cases of acute otitis media reaches 90%. The disease can occur both independently and as a complication or manifestation of infection (acute respiratory viral infection, flu, in children - scarlet fever, measles, etc.), and also as a result of acute and chronic inflammation of the nasopharynx.
Depending on form of lesion of the middle ear treatment can be conservative or surgical. Means of the first row, with acute and chronic otitis are Cefuroxine Axetil or Amoxicillin plus Clavulanic acid, alternative means are macrolides, Amoxicillin Cefaclor, Co-trimoxazole, fluoroquinolones, Doxycycline etc. The use of Rovamycine and Amoksiklav, both local and intramuscularly, is considered to be very effective. For oral intake the following medications are recommended, such as Coldrex which has antipyretic, analgesic and the anti-inflammatory effects that contribute to significant reduction of edema of the mucous membrane of upper air passages. These medications also have a good therapeutic effect: Ceritisin, Loratisin, Nacrivastine. In addition to the therapeutic methods in the treatment of acute otitis media it is possible to use surgery. (Encyclopedia of Traditional and the Alternative Medicine. Treatment of otitis.)

Here are the methods and the means of treatment of otitis existing today.
However, their efficacy and safety could be questioned. Take for example the above-mentioned drugs:
Rovamycine (Spiramycin) - negative side effects of the drug specified in the instructions for use: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, allergic reaction (itching, skin rash), thrombocytopenia, acute colitis, liver failure .... and only 21 negative side effects.

Cefuroxine Axetil - diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, anemia, stomach ache, hearing loss! And only 72 negative side effects!

Coldrex - indigestion (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), risk of bleeding during prolonged use, sleepiness, dizziness, urinary retention, etc.

But this is all about medicines from the manufacturer, and what if they are also falsified...
In addition, at high temperature it is forbidden to make a hot compress on the ear (as in the method of treatment). This seriously worsens the child's condition and dramatically increases the amount of pus. If the pus begins to flow from the ear, you should not clean it deeply with the ear stick, because, at best, this will give nothing, at worst – it will injury the eardrum.

To summarize, following conclusions can be made, that the prevention of otitis with the use of drugs is extremely dangerous to human health and the treatment will always be associated with aftercare of negative side effects.
Therefore, the conclusion comes itself - a return to natural, tested methods of prevention and treatment of otitis and its prior illnesses with light, air, water and movement. We are talking about training the body from birth until old age. The human body itself is able to fight with all kinds of pathogens and their toxins, if it is not poisoned with bad food, bad water, bad air and antibiotics. The human body must receive some daily exercise for the formation and maintenance of metabolism, good operation of endocrine systems and all organs of the body.

For example, in the western countries by the end of XVIII century "The system of physical education of youth” was formed, the founder of it was Bazedov (Germany, Dessau, 1774). He used the ordinary exercises of feudal knighthood: horseback riding, fencing, jumping and dancing, adjoining the popular sport activities: rowing, swimming, ice skating and various games with a ball.

The German system became a jump-start for the Swedish and the American systems of physical training, which included, on the one hand, the school gymnastics and exercises for fun and relaxation, using it as medical exercises for disease control, and on the other hand, the military gymnastics, to prepare physically healthy and hardy soldiers.

Also, no one would deny the great effect of fresh air and water for the human body.
But a special place in human life is given to the light. The light in the life, both vegetable and animal cells, plays a major role. It is found that the rate of growth and development of a cell is proportional to the quantity of light exposure on this cell. And we are not talking about X-ray or ultraviolet radiation, but about a visible, cold part of the spectrum of sunlight, particularly its blue part (wavelengths 420 - 490 nanometers). In 18 - 19 centuries, bactericidal and analgesic properties of blue light were established, which have been widely developed in the present time.

Science and Research Development Company "Avers " (Moscow), after a series of scientific studies of the properties of blue light, has developed, tested and certified as medical products - Physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light" and "Avers Light", which are based on the new ways of impact of the blue monochromatic spectrum of sunlight on the oral mucosa and human nasopharynx. These devices have passed clinical trials in the Russian leading institutions and clinics, where they received a high evaluation of therapeutic qualities for the prevention and treatment of respiratory and viral infections, including influenza and moderately severe pneumonia, without any medications. Colleagues from the European Certification Center highly appreciated the products. They are certified for use in all European countries. And if we consider that in most European countries, the use of antibiotics, especially for young children, is amount to transplantation, our products are really welcome there.
It has been written a lot about the mechanism of the effects of blue spectrum of light on the man, and more detailed information you can find on the website, but about the diseases that can be prevented and cured without medications it should be said, they are:
- laryngitis;
- otitis;
- rhinitis;
- tracheobronchitis;
- oral mucositis;
- moderately severe pneumonia;
- flu;
- toothache, including teething;
- cough and pain in the ears;
- sinusitis;
- nasopharyngitis;
- parodontal diseases;
- reduction of the development of diabetes.

Devices do not have negative side effects, duration of disease is reduced by half and its clinical course is milder than with the participation of drug therapy. Pharm-economic studies have shown that the product "Doctor Light" replaces approximately 150 drugs, and product “Avers - Light " has already replaced more than 500 medications. And these arguments are indisputable towards wide application of physiotherapeutic devices of new generation, which include products "Doctor Light" and "Avers Light ", which can be used at home, without a prescription and without fear of negative after effects.

The device "Doctor Light" represents a conventional dummy with a built in monochromatic blue emitter of visible light spectrum similar to sunlight, with elements of the device control. This product is intended for infants (below the age 4). The battery is programmed for up to 600 cycles, this would be sufficient for 2-3 years.
The device "Avers Light" is made in the form of a "torch" with a light guide, for better effect on the person's oropharynx and is intended for the use of children older than 4 years and adults. The product uses the same visible spectrum of sun light of blue range. The device can be used in an oral way and noninvasive (percutaneously), affecting the human blood through the skin. The product operates on two batteries (AAA type) and its working capacity depends only on the availability of the batteries. This device easily copes with allergies of any etiology, including pollinosis.

And returning to the disease described – otitis, we can say that both devices can easily prevent causes of this heavy disease, cure its viral nature and reduce the medicamental load in the bacterial form. Using these products as preventive at the period from September to June, will exclude acute viral respiratory infections and otitis.
At present these devices are sold in Moscow at a drug store chains "36,6" and “Rigla”, as well as in the cities of Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Penza, Novosibirsk,, Blagoveshchensk, Vladivostok, and as well as in 34 European countries.

More detailed information about the products of Science and Research Development Company "AVERS " you can read on the website
or check by calling (495) 625 -00- 43.
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Products, Beware of otitis. Prevention and new methods of treatment, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"


Physiotherapeutic device for hydro-massage with light emission "AVERS Shower"
Good for every day use and treatment of cardio-vascular diseases (Ischemic diseases, arterial deficiency of the lower extremity and diseases causing thickening of the blood) also Orthopedic diseases (Osteochondrosis and Arterial Arthritis of joints).

LED device for oral irradiation
Analogical therapeutic effects of the device to "Doctor Light", AVERS scientists have developed an "LED based device for oral irradiation" (Patent Number 50420 as of 09/08/05), for daily usage and treatment of viral infections for children and adults.

Bio-Lamp "Avers-SUN"
For regular uses day to day uses, skin disorders (eczema, dermatomicosis, inflamed dermatosis, cuts, trophic ulcer, scars), anaemia, seasonal depression, Jet-Lag, allergic reactions, liver diseases (cerrosis of the liver, Hepatitis), secondary immunodeficiency, metabolic rate disorders and Paraproteinemia. (patent pending #54792 as of 27/07/2006)

A matrix with monochromic visible-light spectrum emitters for computer mouse "AVERS-Stream", Specification 6342-001-58668926-2011
A matrix with monochromic visible-light spectrum emitters for computer mouse "AVERS-Stream", Specification 6342-001-58668926-2011

Latest News, Beware of otitis. Prevention and new methods of treatment, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

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