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Bio-Lamp "Avers-SUN", physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

Bio-Lamp "Avers-SUN"

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Statements for applications of the visible light spectrum.

Bio-Lamp Avers-SUN
The history of medicine is rich in constantly changing theories and views and not only that but also old truth based upon basic observations of human nature. In that way, air and light , always were the sources of life for both mind and body. They were the stepping stones for the physical and mental wellbeing which in the early day was all covered in mystery. The uses of sun’s rays in Roman and Greek times was widespread common knowledge. Hippocrates himself was describing the uses of the solar baths as dietary and hygienic purposes. Herodotus on the other hand already begins to describe the uses for therapeutic treatments with sunlight. The treatment was not only for external cuts and bruises but also for internal illnesses.
And just like that emperor Aurelian (A.D. 270-275) advises light treatment of general cachexia, obesity, arthritis, edema, womb infections and chronic bladder diseases. Also the light therapy included treatments for colic, jaundice, atrophy and general constitutional anomalies in children.

Bio-Lamp Avers-SUNThe sun baths that treated nervous systems, paralysis, hypochondria, hysteria and even epilepsy were in great demand. The sunlight was not only used on the body as a whole all the time but rather localized to some area of the body at times. An ancient roman technique - to sunbathe after having a meal. This tradition still remains to this day in parts of Italy, in the Alps valleys people still follow it. Thanks to that kind of treatment, people of Tessin; Boizenburg, live until very old age and within the people there is a saying, “Where the sunlight reaches, doctors can’t get to.”
In the 18th century, physiologists Edwards and Moleschott, by setting up a row of experiments, managed to prove the effects of light on the metabolic rate in animals. Edwards has shown that a baby frog cannot develop well in the dark when Moleschott, during the experiments, discovered that by shining a light on to the frog made it produce 3 times as much carbon dioxide as in the dark and the increase production depends on the intensity of the light. As it is known, Carbon Dioxide is the byproduct of respiration and mineral exchange in the body. Also, the visible light spectrum (390-750nm) does not have any negative effects on the body. The sunlight, with clear sky, separates into UV radiation (0.1-390nm) - 10%; Visible light (390-750nm) – 40%; IR radiation (750-10000nm) – 50%. Most important is the visible affect on the plant life with the production of chlorophyll. Without light, the only life forms that survive are fungus and several other primitive life forms.

Bio-Lamp Avers-SUNThe effects of the visible lights on animal and plant cells were formed from the times of the single cell organism and continue to this day. Mineral exchange, cell synthesis, utilizing products for a living cell all happen thanks to the visible light spectrum which also has antibacterial properties. In 1877 it was first proven by 2 physiologists Downes and Blunt that sunlight can either kill bacteria or slow down their rate of development. This was later verified in the 20th century with experiments, that even a single light specter of one set colour but with a slightly different wavelength can have a different effect overall because in the cell there are molecules called photosensibilisers which take in a specific quant with a predetermined wavelength (440nm – blood porphyrin, 450nm - flavin nucleotide, 460nm – bilirubin). These are all the principles upon which “Avers” products are based. Same goes for “Avers-Sun” as it is like having am mini sun in your house or office or even medical center.

A small remark, not in favor of all the common methods of treatment and therapy nowadays. Medical historian E. Petersen in one of his works titled “Key historical moments of development of therapy” mentions that the treatments methods by Scotsman Dr. Brown took more lives than the French revolution and it was “that system of treatment” was officially accepted at the end of the XVIII century almost in every hospital of Europe. These methods quickly pushed all the prophylaxis treatments aside and with the powerful development of pharmaceutical industry, doctors all around made way for the “Big Man cult”.”The Big Man” became a very good way of making a profit, with a whole army of diagnosticians, surgeons, pharmacist and a whole lot of assistants. It has become popular with doctors giving false diagnosis with treatments using very pricey antibiotics which have a whole range of very nasty side effects. And that is not all, falsifying and making fake antibiotics makes one think twice before taking the pill.

Bio-Lamp Avers-SUNFake pills became an all out trend going as high as governmental level. In the best case scenario, the pill at the pharmacy will contain chalk, and in the worst case, an outdated or not properly cleaned compound with many harmful impurities. Once cured of one thing, another pops up and the rounds to the doctor begin again and it becomes a never ending circle. This means that the doctors are not quick to give up on a sick patient no matter what they say because this is just the way they work in both legal and illegal ways. But a wise government will see the return of the prophylaxis treatment and will take over the “pill” methods soon enough. It’s obvious that air, water, light, heat and physical movements have positive physiological effect and only those things are able to prevent illnesses. Sunlight and water will always remain a natural treatment for humans and animals alike. Something that can sustain life is also able to cure condition.
Products, Bio-Lamp "Avers-SUN", physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"


Bactericidal Cleanser of Toothbrush "AVERS-DEZ" TU 4496-004-58668926-2014

This devise is intended for complete disinfection of toothbrush bristles after use for hygienic purposes by human beings through simultaneous ultraviolet and blue light spectra effect.


Latest News, Bio-Lamp "Avers-SUN", physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

Latest News


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During 2020, all efforts of JSC "Avers" will be dedicated primarily towards the testing of the following types of produce: phototherapeutic devices, physiotherapeutic devices, medical, veterinary and home appliance technologies.

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