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Oral Pharynx LED  Irradiator, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

Oral Pharynx LED Irradiator

All rights for Phototherapeutic and Physiotheurapeutic products "Doctor Svet", "Avers Shower", "Avers Light", "Avers-SUN", "AVERS-Freshguard", "AVERS-STREAM" are reserved trademarks for "JSC Avers".

The device serves for prevention and treatment of ARVI, as well as diseases of human mouth cavity and oral pharynx. The device is upgraded to expand the impact on mucous membrane by multiple spectra of sunlight with strictly fixed wavelengths: blue spectrum (λ= 466 nm), green spectrum (λ= 519 nm) and red spectrum (λ= 670 nm). The LED is designed as truncated prism 0.5 cm thick, which allows for treatment avoiding any inconvenience to the patient. Application of multiple spectra expands therapeutic effect on diseases of various pathologies, and requires no drug therapy.

The device serves for prevention and treatment of:

1. infuenza;
2. ARVI;
3. colds;
4. rhinopharyngitis;
5. tonsillitis;
6. otitis;
7. maxillary sinusitis;
8. oral moniliosis;
9. rhinitis;
10. gingivitis;
11. tracheobronchitis;
12. parodontosis;
13. stomatitis;
14. tooth ache;
15. herpes;
16. allergic manifestations.

Sphere of application:

1. health care facilities;
2. personal.
Products, Oral Pharynx LED  Irradiator, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"


LED device for oral irradiation
Analogical therapeutic effects of the device to "Doctor Light", AVERS scientists have developed an "LED based device for oral irradiation" (Patent Number 50420 as of 09/08/05), for daily usage and treatment of viral infections for children and adults.

Latest News, Oral Pharynx LED  Irradiator, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

Latest News

The "AVERS" research and production company has prepared for publication a new Manual for teachers of higher educational institutions and specialists in the field of medicine, biochemistry and biology - "THE EFFECT OF OXYGEN INSUFFICIENCY ON ANIMAL BODY"

During 2020, all efforts of JSC "Avers" will be dedicated primarily towards the testing of the following types of produce: phototherapeutic devices, physiotherapeutic devices, medical, veterinary and home appliance technologies.

Good news for parents of kids below age of 4 : LED dummy "Doctor Light" for prophylaxix and treatment of respiratory viral infections now is available in Farmacy chain "36,6"
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