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Mn (III) Acetylacetonate Production Method, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

Mn (III) Acetylacetonate Production Method

All rights for Phototherapeutic and Physiotheurapeutic products "Doctor Svet", "Avers Shower", "Avers Light", "Avers-SUN", "AVERS-Freshguard", "AVERS-STREAM" are reserved trademarks for "JSC Avers".

The new approach to production of Mn (III) acetylacetonate allowed us to develop a new way of industrial production in water environment with high yield of product, using inexpensive, easily available, domestic raw materials, while increasing safety and environment friendliness of the process. In addition, the process in question runs at room temperature and involves no organic solvents, which means no further disposal of chemicals is required, and the process engineering cost is reduced dramatically.

Fields of application:

1. Polymerization catalyst;
2. Production of incombustible materials for Navy vessels;
3. Afterburning in the upper atmosphere with low oxygen content;
Products, Mn (III) Acetylacetonate Production Method, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"


Phototherapeutic device "Doctor Light", a product of medical equipment
The phototherapy device "Doctor Light" is intended for the prevention and therapy of all types of respiratory and viral infections with monochromatic light of the visible spectrum of blue light, including COVID-19, incl. ARI, ARVI, laryngitis, rhinitis, tracheobronchitis, sinusitis, colds with symptoms of a runny nose, difficulty swallowing and fever, fungal infection of the oral mucosa, toothache, incl. and during their eruption, as well as heterogeneous forms of influenza in children from birth to four years old.

Latest News, Mn (III) Acetylacetonate Production Method, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

Latest News


The "AVERS" research and production company has prepared for publication a new Manual for teachers of higher educational institutions and specialists in the field of medicine, biochemistry and biology - "THE EFFECT OF OXYGEN INSUFFICIENCY ON ANIMAL BODY"

During 2020, all efforts of JSC "Avers" will be dedicated primarily towards the testing of the following types of produce: phototherapeutic devices, physiotherapeutic devices, medical, veterinary and home appliance technologies.