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Light emitting disposable needle, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

Light emitting disposable needle

All rights for Phototherapeutic and Physiotheurapeutic products "Doctor Svet", "Avers Shower", "Avers Light", "Avers-SUN", "AVERS-Freshguard", "AVERS-STREAM" are reserved trademarks for "JSC Avers".

The device is meant for a more effective and less traumatic method, allowing conducting photochemotherapy on any of the stages of transfusion therapy and beyond. Irradiation of the blood can take place both internally and during the transfusion of the physiological solution using disposable drips system where the water system becomes the blue light conductor. A quanta of blue light, effecting the erythrocytes and hemoglobin, increases their activity (in erythrocytes - membrane plasticity, improving the microcirculation; hemoglobin - iron activity, responsible for carrying oxygen around in the blood). In cases of large amount of blood loss, the brain will not be experiencing blood deficiency.
Field of use:
  1. medical centers;
  2. emergency clinics;
  3. accidents and trauma medical centers;
  4. police and road patrol;
  5. public transport.
Products, Light emitting disposable needle, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"


Physiotherapeutic device for hydro-massage with light emission "AVERS Shower"
Good for every day use and treatment of cardio-vascular diseases (Ischemic diseases, arterial deficiency of the lower extremity and diseases causing thickening of the blood) also Orthopedic diseases (Osteochondrosis and Arterial Arthritis of joints).

Latest News, Light emitting disposable needle, physiotherapeutic devices, "Doctor Light"

Latest News

During 2016, all efforts of JSC "Avers" will be dedicated primarily towards the testing of the following types of produce: phototherapeutic devices, physiotherapeutic devices, medical, veterinary and home appliance technologies.

Good news for parents of kids below age of 4 : LED dummy "Doctor Light" for prophylaxix and treatment of respiratory viral infections now is available in Farmacy chain "36,6"

Phototherapeutic and physiotherapeutic devices of the generation that JSC “Avers” is developing on the base on a monochromatic emitter that produces no side effects when compared to laser treatment
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